Commodity Contract Specifications

ProductDescriptionSwap LongSwap ShortMinimum SizeContract ValueFluctuation
GOLDSPOT Gold Ounce vs US Dollar-7.21-2.090.01100oz0.01
SILVERSPOT Silver Ounce vs US Dollar-5.05-1.460.015,000oz0.001
WTIWTI Spot Oil-39.1219.690.011,000 Barrels0.01
NAT.GASNatural Gas (US) Spot-20.949.910.0110,000 MMBtu0.001
BRENTBrent (UK) Spot Oil-29.1320.010.011,000 Barrels0.01

Commodity Trading Strategies

What are Commodities
Unlike foreign currency exchange or stocks, commodities are tangible forms of merchandise, usually in the form of raw materials.
There are a few different ways of categorising commodities, some distinguish between soft commodities which are grown or bred and hard commodities which are typically extracted from the earth. Common products are: Metals, Energy and Agriculture.

How to Trade Commodities
Commodities are traded in much the same way as most forms of tradable products. Traders can buy or sell different commodities with the aim of making a profit by either selling the commodity at a higher price than that at which they bought it, or buying the commodity back for less than they originally sold it for.
The nature of Spread Betting/ CFD Trading means that traders do not actually own the relevant commodity, but rather trade the underlying movement of the commodity in question.

Lot Sizes
Choosing the lot size which suits you best as a trader means you have full control of your trading activity. Whether you wish to trade micro lots, mini lots or standard lots, we offer you the freedom to decide.

Leverage allows investors to take opportunities in the market that they would have never had before. By increasing a trader,s buying power, it allows even the small investors to trade alongside the big ones.